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SSR 66th Executive Committee Elections


  • Current SSR member in good standing.
  • ORDINARY members who are Singapore Citizens are eligible to stand for election for the key offices of the President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.

  • Only ORDINARY members shall nominate candidates as members of the Executive Council at the General Meeting.
  • Members who are in arrears of subscription shall NOT be eligible to stand for election to the Executive Council.

  • Members who are (i) NOT Singapore citizens or (ii) have been re-admitted to SSR membership for less than two years are not eligible to contest for the key offices of the President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.

  • Obtain endorsement from two members to support your nomination as first and second proposer.
  • Candidates for President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer must have served for at least 1 year as a SSR Executive Council.

Please submit the nomination form to exco@ssr.org.sg by Friday, 09th Feb 2024, 2359hrs. Late submissions will not be accepted.


  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings. Executive committe members are expected to attend at least 75% of the meetings.
  • Plan to serve on the Council for 2 years (same or new position), to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Society.
  • Serve on one of the committees (see Academic, Publicity, Membership, External Relations). 


The President shall take the chair by right at all General Meetings of the Society and at all meetings of the Council at which he/she is present, and shall regulate the proceedings, and shall countersign all minutes of the meetings. The President shall carry out such duties as assigned by the Council and this Constitution.


The Vice-President shall assist the President and deputies for him/her in his/her absence. The Vice-President will also undertake such roles and responsibilities of leadership as mutually agreed with the President. 

Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for summoning all General Meetings of the Society, and all meetings of the Council. He/she will maintain processes that enable the smooth running of meetings (agenda, matching calendars, online updates before meetings, attendance) transcribe minutes of all General and Executive Committee meetings.  He/she is also responsible for driving the nomination process for the following year’s new slate of Executive Committee officers and facilitating the elections at the AGM.

Assistant Secretary

Assists the Honorary Secretary and deputizes for him/her in his/her absence. 

Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for collection and accounting of all the funds of the Society and shall issue official receipts for all payments made to the Society. He/she shall keep all financial records and shall be responsible for their correctness. He/she is also responsible for preparing financial reports including tax reports and payment. In addition, he/she shall work closely with the chapter’s appointed auditors in preparing the annual financial reports and tax submissions.

Ordinary Executive Committee Members

Each committee member assists in the general administration of the Society. This may include planning and organising academic programmes, the development and distribution of publicity materials, SSR member engagement and/or engaging industry partners to support SSR initiatives. Committee Members will be requested to lead/assist in one of the following roles and/or perform duties assigned by the Executive Committee from time to time.

  1. Academic
  2. Publicity 
  3. Membership
  4. External Relations

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