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The Association of Singapore Radiographers was founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people, namely radiologists, radiographers and X-ray assistants. The primary objective of the Association was to foster interest in and the practice of radiography through social and technical activities.

The first meeting of the Association was initiated by Dr. F. Y. Khoo, then the Senior Radiologist, Mr. C. F. Reincastle, Senior Radiographer and Mr. E.G. Smith who was attached to a pharmaceutical firm. The historical event was held in the X-ray department of the then General Hospital, on 3rd July 1957. In the presence of 27 members, Dr. F. Y. Khoo was elected President, Mr. E. G. Smith, Chairman and Mr. C. F. Reincastle, Secretary. An Interim Committee comprising of 6 members was also formed. The objective of this Committee was to formulate the policy and draft the Constitution. On 11th September 1958, the Constitution was approved by the Register of Societies and the Association of Singapore Radiographers was officially formed.

The 1st annual general meeting (AGM) was held on 1st October 1958. The meeting was to elect office bearers under the Constitution approved by the Register of Society. Lt. Col. K. H. Harper, consultant radiologist to British Military Hospital was elected President, Mr. P. Gregory of Naval Base Hospital Chairman and Mr. C. F. Reincaslte Secretary.

On 22nd June 1964, the Association applied for membership to the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT). ISSRT was formed in Munich with the objectives to gain information about the training of radiographers and to be of mutual assistance by the free exchange of information in order to improve the standards of training of radiographers throughout the world. With the sponsor of the Australasian Institute of Radiography and the British Society of Radiographers, the Association was provisionally accepted as a member at the 3rd Inter-European-Africa Conference of ISRRT. The Association was officially accepted as a member of ISRRT on 12th November 1965. This raised the status of the Association in the international field.

A revision of the Constitution was undertaken by a sub-committee headed by Mr. M. B. K. Chew, with Sgt. R. D. Stockwell and Mrs. L. Mah as members. This was approved by the Register of Societies on 18th February 1965. Three important changes were:

  • Student radiographers could apply for associate membership of the Association
  • The post of Chairman was re-designated as Vice President
  • A medical adviser (radiologist) was invited to sit in the Committee for consultation

As the Association matured, the responsibilities of the President were handled over to the radiographers. On 9th February 1966, Mr. A. T. Teo, senior radiographer, was the first radiographer to be elected as the President of the Association. All this was made possible by Dr. J. C. Yin who was primarily responsible for the successful implementation of the handling over of the leadership to the radiographers.

Since the birth of the Association on 11th September 1958, various radiographers had done the Society proud, by presenting papers overseas and winning won medals and awards. All these had raised the international status of the Society both in the local and international scenes in the 1960s and 1970s. The Association was invited by then Minister for Science and Technology to sit on the Radioisotopes and Radiation Advisory Committee for one year. The Committee was formed on 12th May 1969 with the objective was to advise the Government on matters relating to radioisotopes and radiation. Mr. K. Vathilingam was the Association's representative.

Mr. M. B. K. Chew and Mr. H. W. Ng were the permanent representatives of the Association in Singapore Professional Centre in the 1970s, which the Association joined on the 12th October 1970.

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