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Where you can study to be a Diagnostic Radiographer or Radiation Therapist

Several routes are available to undertake Diagnostic Radiography or Radiation Therapy as your profession. 

  • Graduation from an accredited three-year diploma course from Nanyang Polytechnic

    More information available from Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences. >> >>

    Upon completion of the diploma course, graduates would have the opportunity to undertake a further one-year honours full-time top up degree program jointly offered by Singapore Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin. >> >>

    or  Part-time top-up degree programme with
    1. Charles Stuart University, Australia
    2. London South Bank University

  • Graduation from Parkway college which offers direct undergraduate diagnostic radiography programme awarded by University of Hertfordshire >>
  • Graduation from an accredited three or four year undergraduate Bachelor’s degree available with overseas universities 

Scholarship opportunities:

A variety of scholarship opportunities are available from Ministry of Health Holdings. All scholarships come with a bond tenure, to be served upon graduation at healthcare clusters in Singapore.

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